Friday, March 8, 2013

Debron Purchases a New Automated Optical Inspection System

As another step in keeping on the "Leading Edge Of Technology" in Electronic Contract Manufacturing, Debron has purchased a new Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System. Our new AOI machine is made by Machine Vision Products and truly is based upon the latest technology for "Automated Optical Inspection".  
 For us novices, here is what an Automated Optical Inspection system does.
An AOI system visually scans the surface of the PCB. The board is lit by several light sources and observed by a scanner or by a number of high definition cameras. This enables the monitoring of all areas of the board, even those hidden in one direction by other components.  What this does for our customers, is provide a cost effective process of insuring that EVERY assembly is visually inspected 100%.  This new AOI machine will be inserted into our newly acquired Automated SMT Line.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Debron's New Automated SMT Production Lines Are Up and Running!!

Debron has their new SMT Automated Production Lines installed and producing SMT populated circuit board assemblies for their many customers. This investment in Debron's future is just one example of our president's focus and dedication to keeping Debron on the "Leading Edge of the Technology" in the Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry! The Samsung Pick and Place Machines chosen for the 2 new Surface Mount Production Lines are the same machines which are used by Samsung to build the circuit boards for their newest LCD TV's and Smartphones.
The Samsung machines can be applied to parts from 0201 microchip to 22mm IC part through On-The-Fly recognition technology, which is Samsung's proprietary technology that realizes the placement at the highest speed among medium speed chip mounters. It also allows recognition of parts with fine pitch such as 55mm with 0.4 mm pitch by adopting a mega pixel vision system for the Stage camera. It allows IC parts to be placed with high accuracy of 30 microns. It also easily registers parts of complicated shape by supporting the polygon recognition algorithm. 
Alot ot "TECHNO BABBLE"....I know!  But the bottom line for Debron's customer base are "The Highest Quality SMT Products At A Lower Cost Than Ever Before".

Monday, December 17, 2012

Debron Aquires New Automated SMT Lines

Debron has retooled and installed Samsung high-speed placement equipment. Currently, we are running two fully automated lines with "like" equipment to ensure redundancy and expeditious product throughput. This recent million dollar investment was essential for Debron to continue to maintain our status as industry leaders. A status we have enjoyed for over thirty years in the electronic manufacturing sector. The addition of this new equipment has allowed Debron to build the same quality end product in a more efficient manner. The efficiency this new equipment provides Debron with expanded capability, while reducing the cost to our end customers. If you would like to have your SMT projects quoted by Debron Electronics please contact a Debron Account Manager.


Debron is the first Electronic Contract Manufacturer to receive and maintain the CE Analytics ALPHA Lead-Free Process Capability Validation.  This is a very import certification for Debron as Lead-Free Soldering becomes more and more a requirement for SMT assembly.  If you would like to talk to Debron's account manager regarding any of our electronic manufacturing services, please call our Sales Department at: 248-588-7220